When States Act As Job Finders for Their Ex-Convicts

The major states, California, New York and many others are in the news for all the wrong reasons – they have a terrible time with budget shortfalls and terrible unemployment rates. They have all hit upon a surprising way of tackling both their budget deficits and their unemployment rates at one go – these states are turning themselves into job finders for the thousands of convicts who leave their prisons and usually find their way back into prison because they can’t find a reasonable way to make a living.

While the general lay public might bristle at the kind of handholding convicts seem to be getting from the government when law-abiding citizens are left to fend for themselves in an unforgiving job market, prisoner advocates and politicians from both parties have found something to agree on – they love the program because it appears to actually undeniably bring results. In any given state, the upkeep of a prisoner for a year costs something around $50,000. That’s more than what it costs to put a child through college a year. If state governments would use the money they apply to locking people up uselessly to aggressively finding them jobs, they would help the economy in innumerable ways. The thinking does seem to be paying off. Various states that have signed on to this kind of program are finding that being job finders for their ex-convicts helps them reduce prison population preemptively by up to 20%. If they don’t help those released convicts with drug rehab, job training and job finders programs, if they become unwilling to spend a few million dollars on these programs, they’ll just find that the have to spend billions of dollars locking them up when desperate without a job, these ex-convicts commit crimes again.

Take a rough guess: how much does the country spend in all on locking up all its prisoners (there are 2 million of them)? The answer to that would be $70 billion. Every state that is in desperate straits trying to do something about the holes in its budget sees all these billions of dollars being spent uselessly to lock people up over and over again. And they are tempted to use that money for something positive. Clearly, a country cannot afford to lock up about 1% of its population. It’s just a matter of basic economics. For whatever reasons people end up committing crimes, one thing is certain – training them and finding jobs for the to help them join society again as independent and reasonable citizens is the only way any nation can deal with its crime problems.

And the states are really going all out turning themselves into job finders for ex-convicts. Any company that hires an ex-convict for at least a few months gets wage subsidies – several thousand dollars a year. Ordinary law-abiding citizens may feel resentful at the special treatment that ex-criminals get. But it’s not really special treatment if you think about it. Anyone with a criminal record just cannot find a job. They live their lives out with a permanent stigma. They just need some help getting past that.

Job Finder – 7 Steps to Finding the Job You Seek

Almost about a year before our world was going through issues regarding the economy which in turn led to a lot of after effects. One major ill effect of this was that a lot of people actually lost their jobs and the other had to undergo a major salary cut. Now this led to a series of problems where most people were left unemployed and they had to scrounge around for jobs. But the current scenario is a lot better. The job finder market is on its way to a recovery.

But then there are still a lot of people who don’t have a job or people who already have one but don’t really like the path that they are following and way to change their jobs. So in that case finding a job can be quite difficult. But here we help you out by providing you with a seven step employment guide which is fool proof!

• Decide on the type of job which you actually want to do. If you find that you don’t have much of a clear idea then you are going to have turbulence on your journey to find a job. Hence you need to try and get some insight on the kind of job which you are going to like.

• You will find that people have different traits as well as values. Now you need to identify yourself with those and then only will you be able to find a job for yourself.

• Know what the abilities which you possess are. If you want a change in your career then you have to keep in mind that you need to know your interests. If you don’t have the interests for a job then try not to get involved with that line.

• A lot of people find difficulty in finding jobs because they want to also pursue various other careers or even study while they work at the job. But you will find that it is possible to do this. For example if you are a good writer and you want to try out for content writing. You can have a part time job of content writing and you can also find a job which is more permanent.

• If you make sure that you get a job which you like doing then you will see that you are going to stick to it and actually excel at it.

• Another important part of a job is the skills which you possess. You need to make sure that you know what they are. This way you will be able to know which specific job you are fit for. Keep in mind that these skills are the abilities which you have and they are different for everyone.

• Finally if you don’t want to find a job which is very permanent then you can simply apply for summer jobs. They are easy and you will actually get pleasure working for these jobs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Job Finder?

If you are looking for a new job, you may have heard that a job finder can save you time and hassle. First, what is a job finder? It is a desktop application that lets you search multiple job search websites with one single search! Basically, instead of visiting each career finder website individually, you can do one search with a job finder installed on your computer. How neat does that sound! But wait! What should you consider when choosing a program to install?

Price: Most job finding software programs are free to download and install. These programs are nice and you may still be surprised how many extra, helpful features they are loaded with. If you opt for a program that comes with a price tag, always get a free trial first. Ensure you like before you buy.

Websites Searched: As previously stated, a job finder is a platform that enables you to search multiple career websites with one single search. This is nice, but what websites does that program search for you? At the very least, get the three most popular: Career Builder, Monster, and Hot Jobs.

Notifications: Notifications are one of those above mentioned extra features you want to look for. How would you like to get notifications of new jobs posted right to your email inbox? You can! With this approach, you most miss anything new because no new positions will be able to slip through the cracks.

Ease of Reviewing Jobs: One benefit of using a downloadable job finding program is that you don’t need to open an internet browser window. You do all your searching and reviewing right from the program window. A good program will have your search results list appear at the top of the page and there will be a space below for the actual job listing (as it appears on the website in question). For you, this means no having to constantly hit your browser’s back button to review your search results.

Price, the number of websites searched, notifications, and ease of reviewing are just a few factors you want to consider before choosing a job finder to download. The good news is that most of these programs are either free or come with a free trial; you have nothing to lose!

Ditch the Job Search Websites and Try a Desktop Job Finder

If you are looking for a job, you are likely to do the daily rounds on all the best job search websites. This is a great approach, but are you wasting your time? Of course you aren’t because you need a job; therefore, you need to search. But, are you maximizing use of your time? You might not be. After all, you are doing the same searches on different websites. Once again, this is an important task, but does it ever feel like it is a waste of your time? If so, you want to closely examine desktop applications that work as job finding tools; they are commonly referred to as job finders.

While you can keep doing your searching on all those career search websites, I encourage you to do a little bit of experimenting. Most desktop job finders have a free trial period. Give that free trial a try; ditch the job search websites. But wait! Why should you? What difference you will see?

Maximize the use of your time: If you didn’t already know, a job finder is a program that helps you find a job. They accomplish this goal by searching all the best job sites for you. Good job finders will search hundreds of career sites. Great finders will search thousands for you. The neat thing is that these are the same career websites you are visiting and searching each day. The only difference is that you need to do just one search. Yes one search! There is no more having to visit ten or more sites a day just to keep performing the same search. One search will search hundreds or thousands of websites for you!

Get the same great features: Many people wonder if they lose anything important when making the switch to doing a traditional website search and searching with a job finder. Most often, you will not lose anything at all. See most of the features are the same. It is not uncommon for you to setup email alerts of new jobs; a desktop application will let you do this. It is not uncommon for you to gain access to advanced search features; a desktop application will give you that same access. It is not uncommon for you to apply to jobs directly through the website; a job finder will let you do this too! In fact, you are likely to gain access to features not found on a traditional career search website, such as the ability to add customized notes to a job!

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to giving a desktop job finding program a try. So what are you waiting for? You are searching the same websites you have always been searching; you are just making better use of your time now when doing so.

5 Reasons to Use a Job Finder Today

Are you looking for a new job? If so, you know the internet is a valuable research tool. With a standard internet search, you can find a handful of job search websites. These are all great websites with lots of well-paying full and part-time jobs, but searching on each website can take you hours or even days! A better alternative is to use a program known as a job finder. Why?

1 – Search Multiple Websites

Now, a job finder isn’t a website itself. It is a downloadable desktop application. However, it is a program that lets you search multiple websites with one single search. As you know, three popular websites are CareerBuilder.com, HotJobs.com, and Monster.com. Most job finder programs enable you to search these websites and more with one single search!

2 – No Internet Browser Needed

If you were to use the most popular job search websites by visiting the websites, you would need to open an Internet Explorer window. This is okay, but the trouble comes after you perform a search. All open jobs that meet your search standards will appear on a separate page. To see more information on each job, you click on the headline. This opens a new window. If you don’t like what you see, you must hit your browser’s back button to return to the search results list.

Not when you use a program known as a job finder. Your search results list and the full job post (as it appears on the website in question) will appear all in the same program window.

3 – The Time Saved

As mentioned above, a job finding program enables you to search multiple career websites with one single search. Moreover, there is no need to keep hitting that back button. For that reason, you will automatically save time. You can cut your job search time down from days to hours! Apply to more jobs in a lesser amount of time.

4 – The Easy Comparing of Jobs

While you will find a variance among different job finder programs, most give you the option to edit your search results. This means you can click to remove a nationwide job that made its way into your local search or eliminate a job that is too low-paying. This not only saves you time, but it makes comparing easier. Of course, you know that your chances of landing a job increase with the more resumes you send out, but don’t waste your time applying for jobs that you aren’t qualified for or ones that won’t pay your bills.

5 – They Should Be Free to Use

As previously stated multiple times, you will find a variance among the job finders available for download online. You should opt for a program that is free. At the very least, opt for a program that comes with a free trial; try before you buy to ensure it is worth the money.

Desktop Job Finders – Tips For Choosing the Right Program

If you are in need of a job, you might consider buying a desktop job finder. These programs are not required because you can search traditional job sites. With that said, they do have a number of benefits. You can save time and eliminate a lot of the hassle that comes along with searching, finding, and applying for jobs. But wait; what should you look for in one of these programs?

Carefully Read the Sales Page: This is common with software programs and work-at-home opportunities. You hear that the product or opportunity is great. In the case of a job finder, you will hear that it helps you find a job. This is great, but how exactly is that done? Be cautious of any product that comes with a sales page that doesn’t tell you what you need to know.

Websites Searched: Many people wonder what why a desktop job finder is different than doing a job search on one of those job sites. Aside from the fact that you don’t need to open an internet browser window (because it is a desktop program); it searches hundreds or thousands of job sites for you. So instead of visiting say HotJobs.com and the Monster.com, you can search them both and more at the same time!

Extra Features Available: The fact that a desktop job finding program can search hundreds or thousands of career sites for you at once is amazing. However, you will find that some of these software programs come with even more features. You might be able to setup alerts to get information on new job listings, you might be able to upload and store a lot of resumes, you might be able to apply for jobs through the program, and so forth. Look for extra features that save you time.

Get a Free Trial: A free trial is a great way to find and choose one of the best desktop job finders out there. A company can tell you all about their features, but it doesn’t mean much if they aren’t what you need, don’t work, or are difficult to use. Before you spend money on a job finder program, give it a whirl free of charge. See for yourself if the software program is as great as the makers claim. Just so you know, all legitimate companies should give you the opportunity to try their software programs for free.

The above mentioned points are just a few of the many that you will want to keep in mind when looking to buy a desktop job finding program. As a reminder, these programs are not required to find a job. With that said, they can streamline the process and make it easier for you to get back into the workforce or help you find a better place of employment. Good luck!

Why You Should Try a Desktop Job Finder

When it comes to job finders, you will find that many programs and websites fit the bill. After all, a job finder is something that helps you find open positions. There are many job search websites online, like Monster.com. While you are encouraged to give these websites a try, why not do so with the assistance of a job finder that is a desktop application? There are many benefits to using these programs, including:

The ability to search thousands of job sites: A job finder program should enable you to search hundreds or even thousands of career search sites online. These websites will include the big ones, like the above mentioned Monster.com, and the little ones that may only contain local jobs. The results are the same; you just cut down your search time. Instead of having to search each site separately (while looking for the same job), you can do one single search!

The ability to avoid hitting your internet browser’s back button. The thing about using online job sites is that you have to use an internet browser. The problem comes from the fact that you do your search, your search results appear, you click on the those results, you apply for the job, and then you must hit your internet browser’s back button a few times to get back to that initial search results list. You don’t need to do this with a desktop application known as a job finder; no back button. You can do your search, see the results, see the actual job listings, apply for jobs, and more right in the program window!

The ability to gain access to a handful of features. Before going into detail about these features, it is important to note that job finders are different; not all programs have the same features. With that said, here is what you can expect: email notifications of new jobs that meet your search standards, the ability to upload and store your resumes and cover letters, the ability to apply for jobs through the program, and the ability to make use of advanced search features.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using a desktop job finder in your job search quest. Many of these programs come with a free trial, so give it a whirl and see what all the hype is about. I am sure you will like the results and see the above mentioned benefits come to life. So what are you waiting for?

Job Finder – Myths About Seeking a Job

There are lots of people who have different kinds of misconception regarding job search. Lots of people are seeking jobs at the same time and this is the reason why the competition in this market is becoming tough day by day.

A job finder needs to be aware of this completion and must prepare himself in such a way that he has an edge over the other applicants. First of all you need to choose your career very carefully. Always choose something in which you have lots of interest.

There are people who tend to choose their career out of compulsion and they have to repent for it throughout their life. Make sure you do not make the same mistake. There are certain job finder websites which can help you find your dream job.

You must always remember that getting your dream job is not that easy. It not only requires a bit of luck but it also requires some hard work. But before that you need to get rid of the myths and misconceptions regarding the job finder.

The first misconception that people usually have is that having better contacts can help you get a better job. But this is not true. If you have the talent and the skills then you can get into the job you want. You do not need great contacts for that.

If you can get a good employment guide it will really help you to take the right turn. You can get the employment guide on the internet. Some people also have the misconception that to find a job they need to create very lengthy resume.

They think the more they write on their resume the better chance they have of getting the interview calls. These kinds of misconceptions must be eradicated so that you can go on with your job hunting without any problem. You must remember that your resume should not be more than 3 pages.

Write only the important things and try to remove the information which is not necessary. There are people who are interested in part time job finder. They can also look for the job finder on the internet.

These people want to pursue their part time job along with something else. Some people have a misconception that part time jobs create bad impression on their resume. But this is not at all true. Part time jobs are equally important and they have great value.

Some people think that if they create an account with various job finder websites they will get more opportunities. But this is not always true. It is important to become the member of a job finder site which offers the best opportunities.

The other thing which you must remember is that the best opportunities would not come your way; it is you who needs to find them. If you keep these things in your mind you can surely take proper advantage of the job finder sites and find a job for yourself.

Online Job Finder Services- Should You Use Them?

Thanks to the internet, people are now able to shop, communicate and even find jobs right at the comforts of their own home. You have to face the fact that with hundreds or even thousands of people looking for a decent job, you too will find it hard to find a job. You have to wait in a long line of equally qualified people competing to get the job and you have to work hard in order to impress the employer in order to get the position you want.

However, if you want an easier way to find the best job for you, then you have to use the internet to find it. With numerous online job finder services, you will be able to find the right job, set up an interview and get employed in no time at all.

Even large companies are using the services of online job finders to advertise their needs for personnel. There is a great chance that you will be able to find the job in your field of expertise.

So, just what is an online job finder? First of all, an online job finder is like a resume distribution services. Through the website, you will submit your resume and the website will be the one who will match your skills, and your qualification to different kinds of jobs. The job results will be emailed to you on almost a daily basis. All you need to do is choose the kind of job that you like.

Usually, the different kinds of jobs submitted to your email will contain a brief description of the company, and also a description of the job being offered. It will also include why you were matched for this job.

The next question you will ask is if it is worth your time to use online job finders. The answer to this question is yes. If you can’t seem to find the right job in your area, then you may want to try online job finders. Through the services of this website, you will be able to find the job you have always wanted and one that will complement your skills and your qualifications.

For example, if you took IT related courses in college, then you will want to apply for an IT related job. With online job finders, it will definitely be easier for you to find the right kind of job in the field you studied when you were in college. You can also include your special skills to aid in your search.

The great thing about online job finder services is that there will be a great chance of finding the right kind of job for you in no time at all. You will also do it right at the comforts of your own home. All you need is obviously a desktop computer with an active internet connection, an email account and you also need to register with a reputable online job finder website.

Once you register, you need to fill out an online resume or you can also submit your own resume. After you are registered and after you submitted your resume, you will now receive emails on a daily basis with job searches that is compatible with your qualifications and skills.

Just remember that online job finders will not necessarily land you the job. They will merely help you find a job and from there, it is up to you to clinch the job by doing well in the interview that the company you chose will set up.

5 Ways to Travel Solo Without Going It Alone

Solo travel has become a hot topic. Unlike “single(s)” travel, it is a broader group. It can include those who are single, married or have a partner/significant other. It may be a business person looking to add a leisure weekend or extension to a trip for work. Two stumbling blocks to solo travel can be: I. whether it is lonely to vacation as a “party of one” and ii.whether eating alone, especially dinner, is really uncomfortable.

Now having visited 68 countries and all 50 states, I have found 5 good ways to go alone without feeling you are “going it alone”.

1. River Cruise and Small Ship Cruises

I highly recommend river cruises and small ships. They are especially a good fit for a first time solo traveler. However, they are also great for well-traveled solos in two cases. That is where destinations like Cambodian boat villages are not otherwise easy to reach. Secondly, they work well in places where security is an issue.

Here are the key advantages of such river and small ships for solo travelers, they:

  • Give you time alone but a group for tours and meals
  • Can be competitively priced when compared to a piecemeal approach
  • Make unpacking a one-time chore
  • Work well with land packages
  • Often have discounted package pricing including flights

2. Select your own lodging, and take day trips.

Here are the key advantages of this independent approach:

  • Affords you the opportunity to select your own interests and travel style.
  • Provides more opportunity to interact with local residents.
  • Gives you a “day-off” when you need it.
  • Works with a range of budgets.

3. Combine both of the above approaches.

I really favor this approach when I travel. On solo travel for 17 days at New Year’s, I toured Southeast Asia. I started with a private taxi tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I then joined a top Mekong River Cruise on to Vietnam. On the last leg, I had five days in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok. In my last stop, I tried all 3 ways of sightseeing: 1. A large bus tour 2. A private guide and 3. Self-directed subway tour.

This blended approach puts you in the driver’s seat and:

  • Will let you set your own course while being free to pick and choose
  • Gives you a part-time group of travel mates but also time alone
  • Makes it possible to follow a budget (or splurges) tailored to what works for you

4. Sign up ahead for a class abroad.

This has become very popular now for cooking classes in France and Italy. However, for decades, language classes abroad have lured students for short-term or full summer programs. Add to that options for photography classes, skiing and scuba diving.

Here are the key benefits to this approach:

  • Provides you with a ready-made group
  • Gives you a local contact to hear what not to miss off the tourist path
  • Make it possible to connect with classmates for meals or sightseeing
  • Results in providing local contacts in an emergency

5. Join a volunteer group or exchange program.

I have done this twice. My first trip out of the US was at 18 joining 5 other girls on a summer YMCA project in Trinidad and Tobago. It was the best way to learn about day-to-day life in another country and participate in community activities.

The benefits were endless. They included:

  • Meeting local residents outside of the typical tourist path
  • Seeing distant and often more unusual destinations
  • Providing volunteer efforts to communities than may have experienced natural disasters or other hardships.

If you are new to solo travel, take a look at each of these options. You will be surprised how fast solo travel gives you the chance to make new life-long friends from around the world so that you feel you are solo to more.